Please read the entire page for all details!!!

You can find all the Council summer camp information here
We are week #4 July 8th - 14th
We are having our family night at Summer Camp July 12th starting at 5:00pm.
We ask that all scout families please bring a covered dish. The troop will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers , plates , forks , spoons and the drinks.

Mingo Mesa Camp site
July 8th-14th 
The troop will Depart Sun. July 8 - Return Sat. July 15th

Be sure to read thru the summer camp documentation

T-101 Summer Camp Personal Gear Checklist
This updated checklist gives you everything you need to 'Be Prepared' for the summer camp adventure.

Medical Forms 

In order to provide better care for its members and to assist them in better understanding their own physical capabilities, the Boy Scouts of America recommends that everyone who participates in a Scouting event have an annual medical evaluation by a certified and licensed health-care provider—a physician (MD or DO), nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

We need to have the BSA medical forms

updated for summer camp by Monday June 12th.

We will need to fill out parts A, B and C

Link to Parts A and B and C

Link to BSA Medical requirements details


Official 2015 Summer Camp Costs Link

Early bird payments will get you a summer camp hat!!!!

1st payment due Feb 6th ( $50.00 )
2nd payment March 2nd ($100)

The cost this year is $315 per scout and $135 per adult


Troop 101 Summer Camp Fee 
     The troop fee for 2015 is $25 per scout, and only $15 for each additional brother.  This fee includes our annual custom summer Troop 101 T-Shirt, custom Troop 101 Neckerchief, and Thursday Family Night Dinner for your entire family and guests!!!
Please note if personal funding is difficult
     Buckeye Council Camperships are available to help with part of the cost.  The Campership Application Form and Instructions for 2015 are provided above.  The council application deadline is March ?.  But applications will be accepted 'till money runs out.  Begin regularly setting aside some cash now and sign up to take advantage of the early bird gift and early payment discounts.
    Participate in our Troop 101 fund raisers where you can earn all or part of your way to camp.
    You may speak in confidence about any financial need to the troop committee chair.  Please don't miss a summer growth opportunity like this because of funding.  The troop can help you get to camp!


Family Night Cookout, Thursday July 12th begins at 5:00 PM at our campsite. We do the cooking. Plan a visit, bring the family!!!!

Seven Ranges Scout Reservation has published a strict camp security plan for the safety of everyone in camp. Visitors are required to follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Boy Scouts of America and Buckeye Council while on camp property. A government issued photo ID is required as a condition of entry onto camp property and must be presented upon request. Visitors, including children 5 years of age or older, must wear the visitor wristband issued at the camp office for the duration of their visit. Persons in camp not wearing appropriate identification will be escorted off property.

Visitors are reminded that the main entrance to camp is the only authorized route of entry or egress from camp property. Vehicles are to remain parked in the designated parking area and are not authorized in camp. Camp staff will make every effort to assist those with disabilities and/or large amounts of food or equipment; however, camp staff are not obligated to provide transportation and such assistance is contingent upon available resources. Please plan accordingly!

All visitors are required to comply with all camp staff instructions. By entering camp property, visitors agree to be in compliance with all rules and regulations set in this guide, and by camp, council, or national policy. The Reservation Director reserves the right to order any visitor off prorerty at any time and for any reason.

 We are in Camp Mingo Mesa !!!!

Click here for written DIRECTIONS to 7-Ranges
Click here for a MAP to 7-Ranges
Click here for a MAP to Campsite

Troop 101 Summer 2012


     Make the commitment to attend Summer Camp and earn the coveted
Pipestone Camp Honor.  Every scout in Troop 101 should attend Summer Camp.  It's a wonderful experience.  Bring a friend to join scouting now and share the fun.
articipate in our Troop 101 fund raisers, and you can earn the full cost of attending summer camp as well as other troop activities. 
     New Scouts...what can you expect?  Talk to your Scout friends who have been there.  Here is some of what we have for everyone.....
  • Pipestone Camp Honor (click here for detail & requirements)
  • Large canvas wall tents on wood platforms
  • Running Water & Latrine facility in campsite
  • Shower Facilities w/ Hot Water and flush toilets nearby 
  • Fun with your fellow scouts
  • Large sunny and shaded campsite w/ Pavilion
  • Ecology / Conservation
  • Camp Wide Campfires & Vespers
  • Trading Post & Snacks (Slushies)
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Nature Center
  • Fun with your fellow scouts
  • Water Front with swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, sailing
  • Dining Hall with traditions and 3 great prepared meals every day
  • Field Sports - rifle, shotgun, archery, fishing & tomahawk
  • Learn new scout skills and advance in rank
  • Fun with your fellow scouts
  • 40 Offered Merit Badges to choose from
  • Handicraft - Leatherwork, Woodcarving, Basketry, Indian Lore
  • Many additional awards and honors may be earned
  • The list can go on and on.......

     One requirement for the Pipestone Award, each camper, except fifth year candidates, is expected to provide at least one cubic foot of Pipestone Wood. This may be fulfilled by bringing the wood to summer camp tightly bundled. Pipestone Wood is hardwood only, (no pine) which has lost all its bark naturally thus it burns quietly and smoke free. It should be reasonably straight with no branches or protruding stubs. Approximately twelve inches long (broken, not sawn), no thinner than the little finger and no thicker than the thumb.
     Fifth year candidates need not bring wood to camp but should complete part of their leadership requirement by closely supervising the quality and quantity of wood collected by other campers. Wood bundles deemed acceptable by the troop senior patrol leader will be placed on the “Pipestone Wood Trailer” when you arrive at camp.

Measuring your Pipestone Wood – How Math is Important In Your Everyday Life
     The requirement is to provide “one cubic foot” of bundled firewood. This can be difficult to measure since your bundle will be round and the requirement given is in cubes (square). So scouts, let’s think about this. I’ll help you, using geometry and algebra from school, we can figure this a couple ways so you may bring a good measure of wood to camp.
     You should know, a cubic foot will measure in inches, 12 long x 12 width x 12 height. First a given, the pieces of wood in your bundle should measure approximately 12 inches long. So all we will consider here is the end diameter or the circumference measurement of the bundle to give you the sufficient amount of wood. 
The DIAMETER of a bundle can be calculated from the area in inches. The end face is 12 x 12 = 144 square inches. The Area of a circle is calculated using the formula, A = ∏r² (Area = Pi times the radius squared). We have the area (144) and we know Pi (3.14), so plug in what you know.
144 = 3.14 · r · r   Solve for ‘r’.
144/3.14 = r · r
45.86 = r · r
6.77 = r, the radius. Round the radius to 6.75 and double it to give you the diameter = 13.5
DIAMETER = 13.5 inches.
     The CIRCUMFERENCE of a bundle can be derived from the calculated diameter (13.5) in inches. The Circumference of a circle is calculated using the formula C = ∏ · d. (Circumference = Pi times the diameter). We calculated the diameter (13.5) and we know Pi (3.14), so again plug in what you know.
C = 3.14 · 13.5
C = 42.39   Round your result to 42.5
CIRCUMFERENCE = 42.5 inches 

So here you go. Pull out a tape measure. To have a bundle meet the minimum requirement of 1 cubic foot it should measure:
Length = 12 inches
Diameter = 13-1/2 inches or
Circumference = 42-1/2 inches.

Click here for written DIRECTIONS to 7-Ranges
Click here for a MAP to 7-Ranges
Click here for a MAP to Campsite

Seven Ranges Scout Reservation
7070 Meter Road NE
Kensington, OH 44427 
 Emergency Contact 330-738-2085

Seven Ranges Scout Reservation is owned and operated by the Buckeye Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America.  It is located in Northeastern Carroll County, and encompasses nearly 900 acres of rolling hills, woods, meadows, lakes, and ponds.   

Boy Scout Troop 101 
First Church of God
 505 North Lincoln Ave 
Alliance, OH 44601