Here is the information needed by our Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders to prepare for meals and duties at each camp out.



Refer to your Boy Scout Handbook, ask other scouts, check with your leaders.  But above all "Be Prepared".  Don't come to camp un-prepared, here are Troop 101 gear checklists of items for each season of camping.  Contact your patrol leader for help with gear.  We have gear to loan if needed.

Spring/Summer/Fall - Weekend

"Leading The Way".  Means we follow the BSA Ideals of a youth lead patrol method troop, where our scouts learn and experience leadership opportunities at all levels.

Below is a list of our current leadership positions and links to descriptions of  them where possible. Positions with a ** are positions that apply to rank promotion for Life, Star or Eagle. Positions with a * apply to rank promotion of Life or Star. Other positions do not apply to rank advancement. 

Please note that anyone of ANY rank can hold any these positions!!

Our current youth leaders.......
Click on the linked position title for a current description of that job.
- Opossum Patrol
- Bass Patrol
- Rat Patrol

- Opossum Patrol
- Bass Patrol
- Rat Patrol

Bugler  * -
Historian ** -
Librarian ** -
   - Cooking -
   - Swimming -
    - Fire Building/Stoves -
   - Knife/Ax -
   - Rope Work -
   - Camping -
   - First Aid -
   - Nature -
   - Leave No Trace -
   - Hiking -
   - Navigation -
   - Fitness -
   - Citizenship -


Patrol Leaders, want your patrol to be recognized
for being among the BEST?
     You can be a National Honor Patrol.  This quarterly award is great to help build your patrol teamwork and activities.  Earn "Gold Stars" for your uniform patrol medallion by becoming a National Honor Patrol.
     The 7Ranges Baden-Powell Patrol Award may
be earned annually while your patrol is 
at summer camp.      
     Check out all the requirements here and go for having the best patrol ever! 

National Honor Patrol Information

7Ranges B-P Patrol Award
        2009 - Opossum Patrol
                     Rat Patrol
          2010 - Opossum Patrol
                     Rat Patrol
          2011 - Opossum Patrol
                     Panda Patrol
                     Rat Patrol 
          2014 -  Opossum Patrol
                     Panda Patrol
                     Rat Patrol 
National Honor Patrol
          2009 - Opossum Patrol 
          2010 - Opossum Patrol
                     Rat Patrol
          2011 - Panda Patrol
                    Opossum Patrol
                    Rat Patrol 
          2012 - Opossum Patrol
                    Panda Patrol
          2013 - Opossum Patrol

     Buckeye Council usually has yearly contingents attending these high adventure activities.  Some bases have individual opportunities, check their web site.  Call your council now 330-580-4272 or toll free 800-580-4272, extension 141, for the latest information or ask your scoutmaster. 

The Summit - Bechtel Reserve

Northern Tier - Adventure Base

Philmont Scout Ranch

Florida Seabase

2010 Wapakonachee Klondike Derby

Troop 101 Rat Patrol ("Best Sled" winner)

Scout meeting planner.