To Honor our Troop 101 Eagle Scouts

Becoming an Eagle Scout is the ultimate accomplishment in the Boy Scouts of America.  It is an honor carried by the Scout for the rest of his life.  Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.

EagleScout.org is dedicated to helping scouts become Eagle Scouts.  The National Eagle Scout Association honors all Eagle Scouts. 

To reach this highest rank in scouting, each Eagle was required to master basic skills through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.  Once this has been accomplished, youth leadership, service, example, and advanced skills in the form of Merit Badges must be earned through each of the ranks Star, Life and finally Eagle.  A total of 21 Merit badges are needed with 12 specifically required.  A major  step is also the performance of a significant Leadership Project to benefit the scouts church, school, or community. 

Eagle Palms may be earned with three months active service and the completion of five additional merit badges beyond the required 21.  Once the Eagle becomes 18 years old, his advancement progress in the youth program is complete.

The trail to Eagle in the Boy Scout program began when these scouts were 11 years old.  It is a long term goal with small growth steps along the way to measure and challenge the progress of each individual. 

Here are the Scouts of Troop 101- Alliance, OH who have completed the Trail to Eagle, the date they completed the achievement, Merit Badges earned, and a description of their achievement

Dakota Gurney - 2018
Zach Haskell - 2018
T Glass - 2017
E Yost - 2017

Ian Ramsier 2016
Ian's Eagle project consisted of refinishing the floors of two of one of the cabins at camp Tuscazoar. Ian and his family prepped the floors and then the entire troop spent the weekend helping to paint them and with anything else that was needed.

Austin Reeves  October 30th, 2014 - 51 Merit Badges -2 Bronze, 2 Gold and 2 Silver palms

Austin’s leadership project was accomplished by working with the Mount Union Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center to remove a safety issue by rerouting a trail behind a fence and away from the road and to enhance the surrounding area. He developed a plan to break the project down into manageable tasks and resources. This gave him the ability to use different groups of volunteers for the initial stages of the project. He first arranged to build two new benches to the specifications requested by the Nature Center. Next was the clearing of trees, brush, vines and poison ivy for the new trail and clearing another section for a new rest area. This was followed by roto-tilling and leveling the new trail and rest area. The final part of the project took place with a large group of Scouts, family and friends. Two ditches were dug next to a maintenance road which was about to become part of the new trail, drainage pipe was laid and then covered with crushed limestone. A weed barrier cloth was laid on the entire new trail and then covered with limestone, as was the new rest area. The two new benches were then placed in the rest area. The trailhead and trash can were sanded, cleaned and painted and then the final touch of moving the trail markers completed the project.    

Landon Monter  October 4th, 2014  

Landon helped raise money to refurbish and paint over 60 picnic tables at a public park in his community. Scouts and members of the local football team worked together to accomplish this task.   

S. Mason Monter  November 8, 2012  21 Merit Badges.

Mason developed a outdoor child friendly game center in connection with his local community fall festival in Malvern, OH.  He created several craft and game activities for various ages.  Organized, trained, and supervised his staff for set up, activity, tear down, and clean up for a full days of fun and action.   

Sam Rodman March 23, 2011 37 Merit Badges

Sam worked with the volunteer leadership of the Alliance Community Food Pantry to help renovate a portion of their building in the City of Alliance. He developed a plan for his troop scouts and adults to clean, prepare and paint the pantry's non-perishable grocery inventory storeroom. This also included the cleaning, preparing, and painting of industrial pallet rack storage units and moving everything into position. This storage area enables the Alliance Pantry to accept and accumulate large amounts of food when donations are available to the area for those families in need.

John P. Park  August 25, 2010  36 Merit Badges 
John lead the design and construction of additional storage closets and refinished the existing closets in the sacristy of his church. These closets will provide a safer and more extensive space used for the storage of vestments, robes and various religious components for Regina Coeli Church in Alliance.

Matt Barker 
June 24, 2010  28 Merit Badges
Matt worked with the Abiding Savior Lutheran Church in Alliance where he designed, removed, and replaced the complete landscape. He participated in the decision making, purchase of plantings, supervised the removal of old shrubs and preparation of the land, leading up to the planting of new nursery stock and mulching the entire parameter of his church. The result is a significant visual improvement for the church property.   

Jon Shaffer  Sep 10, 2009  27 Merit Badges
Jon developed his leadership project around the need for expanded nature trails at the Beechcreek Botanical Gardens near the City of Alliance.  He supervised the building of a new nature trail and foot bridge for the enjoyment and relaxation of local nature lovers.

Jacob Hobbs  June 29, 2009   30 Merit Badges
Jacob demonstrated his leadership by developing a three part project.  1) A plastic collection campaign resulting in collecting over 22oo lbs. of post consumer plastic.  2) Had the plastic recycled into extruded lumber.  3) Lead the construction of three weatherproof picnic tables which were 
presented to the West Branch Local Schools in Beloit, OH.

John Shivers III  June 3, 2008  24 Merit Badges 
John organized and executed his leadership project by securing sponsorship, building, and installing four hand built recycled plastic benches and a wooden bridge on a trail at the Beechcreek Botanical Gardens near the City of Alliance.

Michael Brand  June 18, 2007   24 Merit Badges 
Michael's leadership project was planning and directing the replacement of
perimeter posts defining a parking area at Silver Park in the City of Alliance.

Scott Brand   
March 19, 2007   27 Merit Badges
Scott's leadership project was planning and directing the fall cleanup of two garden courtyards at Regina Coeli Church in the City of Alliance.



Sean Cook     November 3, 2006         24 Merit Badges
Sean planned and directed the construction of two free standing portable display boards at the Alliance Neighborhood Center in the City of Alliance. The displays are used to showcase the work done by children at the center.

Jacob Oblander  Feb. 6, 2006  29 Merit Badges
Jacob created a landscape plan and directed the finish landscaping and lawn planting of the property surrounding a new Habitat For Humanity home constructed in the City of Alliance.

Richard Robenstine      January 23, 2006     22 Merit Badges                  "Ricky" developed a design, organized the process and built two different foot bridges to connect a new hiking trail.  The large bridge spanned a flowing creek and the smaller bridge crossed a drainage ditch at the University of Mt Union's, Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center near the City of Alliance.   

James Spahlinger       May 24, 2005        29 Merit Badges
Jim, organized district Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in a "Scouting for Food" drive to fill the Salvation Army food pantry for distribution to the needy citizens in the City of Alliance.

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